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"Louder and slower" is not an acceptable teaching methodology.

The education system is geared to providing auditory- based instruction to students.  If your child learns better using visual or tactile / kinesthetic methods, alternative math teaching strategies do exist.

Many schools acknowledge and use different, student-centered approaches for reading and spelling that best meet the needs of certain students.  This hard fought battle has yet to be waged on a large scale in terms of math instruction.  Bypass methods involving calculator use and inefficient counting-based methodologies are used rather than providing the appropriate teaching strategies needed to develop skills.   During a school day, students who have been identified as needing specialized instruction in language skills- still go to a math class that features  teaching strategies that are inappropriate for their learning style.

Demand student- centered instruction in math, as well as reading!  Do not settle for bypass methods.  Your child needs to develop skills, at the time that he is ready to learn them.  Students learn more efficiently when provided with an appropriate learning environment. 
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